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Skipping On Down The Not So Yellow Brick Road of Injustice

This post is going to take you on a seemingly endless long road of injustice. This is a follow up to The Dog Walker Vs. The Birdwatcher: Here's Amy Cooper, so I encourage you readers to skip over there if you have not heard about Amy Cooper.

Alrighty, now that you have familiarized yourself with the case and probably wondering what the heck happened. Are you on the edge? and hopeful justice will be served? Disappointingly, I must digress, Mr. Cooper is not cooperating with the authorities. Yes, you have read right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Mr. Cooper does not want to participate in the investigation and expressed that Amy Cooper (I remind you no relation), has suffered enough. He explained that the public already brought Amy to shame, the woman lost her job, and her dog. This is not the story of Dorothy and Toto where they become separated & you cannot help but root for their union again. While Amy was falsely calling 911 & threatening a Black man’s life, she was choking her dog with its own leash. Amy’s losses can be considered public justice. Falsely calling 911, taking emergency personnel from actual emergencies has always been a crime. According to New York State law where this incident occurred, Amy’s actions can be considered as” Falsely reporting an incident in the third degree” under Section 240.50. (Click link to view the law in more details

In the video, Amy’s intent was clear. She embarked on a path of no return and skipped on down the road of injustice. Unfortunately, Amy is not alone. Specifically, she is not the only Caucasian woman who has falsely made claims against a Black man. Claims that can be potentially life threatening. August 28th of this year made 65 years since the horrible & unjust murder of Emmet Till in 1955, a young African American boy accused of accosting a white woman. This 14-year-old teenager’s life was cut short as he was dragged out of the house by a small group of white men and tortured due to a white woman’s allegations. Without question, the white woman was deemed the truthful one. We can just also briefly discuss Florida's Groveland Four 1949 where 4 teenage boys were accused of raping a white woman and later it was discovered there was evidence that could have exonerated them. The evidence could have prevented their incarcerations and the death of one boy who allegedly try to flee during police transport while handcuffed. Unfortunately, I cannot say I am surprised by that occurrence involving police brutality. While at it, let's note the Central Park 5, also a group of young black boys falsely accused by a white woman and railroaded by the criminal justice system in 1989. Final example (though there's more), let's briefly discuss Susan Smith a white woman who accused a black man for kidnapping her 2 small children while in fact she killed them herself by drowning them in a lake. Here we are in 2020 and that type of behavior displayed by Amy Cooper could have been deadly if the police automatically took her side that a black man was harassing her.

So avid watchers, did Amy really pay for her crime? What are your feelings regarding Mr. Cooper’s refusal to cooperate with authorities? Is it because historically Black people, more so Black men haven’t had the best luck with law enforcement and the criminal justice system? Can this be considered a form of learned helplessness? Comment Below, I’ll be watching.

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