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The Dog Walker Vs. The Birdwatcher: Here's Amy Cooper

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

As a New Yorker, this occurrence hit close to home. New York is known to be a culturally diverse state and when it comes to civil liberties & civil rights, the Big Apple is progressive in these areas in comparison to other states. So to think this racially sparked crime occurred in NY was unsettling, to say the least. This video was the one causing me to watch several videos containing similar transgressions. Christopher Cooper, an African American man & avid birdwatcher noticed Amy Cooper's unleashed dog running around in Central Park. This section of the park requires all dogs to be leased. Instead of adhering to the rules when politely asked by Mr. Cooper, Amy quickly escalated the encounter. In the video below, you can see her shouting and yelling, threatening Christopher that she would call the police and tell 911 that an African American man was threatening her. Let's pause right here!! Jaw-dropping pissed off is what I was. Amy knew the consequences of this bold action as she placed this false 911 call. Amy threw around her white privilege & using her sex as another power move as she portrayed herself as the frightened white woman, scared of the big black man. She exercised her racist power. The meaning of racism is taught in schools and something Amy knew all too well especially as she continued to say she was going to say an African American man was threatening her before she even made the call. See the video below and offer your comments below.

I will also post a follow up to what happened. Stay Tuned.

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