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A Face to The Name, A Name to the Face

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

So, you're confident I don't live in your neighborhood, that this is my place of work, and I shouldn't be delivering, barbequing, riding my bike, swimming, running. hopping, walking my dog, and breathing the same air as you? Hmm, this sounds like a "Karen". The name "Karen" is a name used by social media that has been dubbed as a label to describe a privileged Caucasian woman or man, "Ken" who cannot seem to mind their business in places involving a person of color. These specific Caucasians resort to calling 911 as a way to exercise their self-righteous behaviors. This is the mere definition of PRIVILEGE and using their whiteness as a weapon. This is not a white bashing post, this is bashing those who engage in racist behaviors (now let us continue).

The problem with this media trend is that we are not nicknaming cute dogs and kittens. "Karen" & "Ken" maybe the automatic categories for these type of people, however, their names are just as important. When we read stories about villains versus heroes/the innocent, we want to know about the villains' stories. Why do they behave the way they do? This is important as we attempt to dismantle these videos and call out the ugly truths in their stories (privilege, superior complexes, etc.). Social Media tends to be used as unsanctioned means to find out the names of these perpetrators. Social Media ends up finding out their names, where these people live, the name of their employers, and their social media accounts. So why not just say their names when their faces have already gone viral the moment a video is uploaded? Use their names. Use it as a means of control and reclaiming your power. There should be consequences for those who abuse others and make false 911 calls. Say What It Is.

Seth Cohen for Forbes.Com talks further about "Karen" & "Ken" and calls for the usage of real names.

#GoodbyeKaren #Karenmemes #power #privilege #endracism

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